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Is Genesis History?

This is a fascinating filmed documentation, of discussions between scientists that believe in the creation paradigm. Making sense scientifically and historically; explaining logically the same evidence as the commonly believed paradigm of makro-evolution.
The scientists provide strong arguments for the literal interpretation of the book of Genesis, which is the young-earth view and interpretation.
This documentary (see full movie link after below text) explores the evidence, science and history of the creation-paradigm.

It is documented in the book of Genesis, the beginning of the bible, that God created the world very good, and the first humans around 6000 years ago. A world without any death, pain nor suffering.

Unfortunately, Satan deceived Adam and Eve to choose death over life. After which the world had been markedly altered. There were some of Adam & Eves descendants that did call upon the Lord. However later, when all of humanity fell very deeply in sin, and their thoughts were only evil continually, with warfare and much other wickedness, such that God regretted that he had created man-kind and was grieved in his heart.

About 4300 years ago, the whole earth was drastically geologically shaken and were filled with water from the air and from the fountains of the deep. The earth was under water, for about a year, forming immense number of layers of matter and burying and fossilising animals, after which the water sank to the core of earth, hence carved out huge canyons of layered strata. Likely a resulting geological aftermath and iceage for many years after the flood, forming mountains and vast glacieres.

The world was completely different before and after the flood. Likely there was other continents before the flood and Pangea may have been a intermediate state to todays continents. Humans and animals, likely grew much bigger and lived much longer before the flood, due to the benevolent atmosphere, genetic strength and other factors that likely were existent. There was diverse animal kingdoms and eco-systems located at various places and heights from earth surface, which can be approximately classified as we find them in the fossil-record: cambrian, ordovician, silurian, devonian, carboniferous, permian, triassic, jurassic, cretaceous. Animals and human nature was broken though, so possibly much predatories and wars likely made the amount of different kinds less. Likely humans had so much warfare there werent many left at the time of the flood, moreover could escape a flood longer than other kinds, possibly not leaving any noticeable fossil-record.

Only Noah and his family found grace, the only ones willing to board the ark to escape the judgement of God, and they were left to replenish the world, along with the distinct kinds of animals that were on the ark. The genetic richness and strength of Noahs family, resulted in diverse human species, of for example: middle-eastern, indian, african, aboriginal, european and chinese characteristics. All animals similarly evolved in diverse ways from their ancestor from the ark, for instance all cat animals (saber-toothed cats, tigers, linxes, small cats, etc), can be traced to their ancestors on the ark.

God gave us a sign, the rainbow, that he would never flood the earth again.
However, humans continued to sin and grieve God at his heart, but he loved his creation and his image, humans, so much, there was a solution to heal the world and to save sinners to eternal life.

Around 2000 years ago, God was manifested in this world. Providing a refuge from and forgiveness of sins, when Jesus sacrificed his life, as a ransom for many.
The Lord has given us salvation in his son and express image Jesus Christ the Messiah, for believing in him is the only way for any human to be saved for eternal life.
There is another coming judgement, the lake of fire and hell prepared for Satan and his angels, and for sinners who does not repent. When Jesus returns the whole world will be restored and perfect bliss will be for everyone who believed in him.
There will be a new heaven & earth to dwell, which is paradise.

This documentary is surely worth looking for anyone interested in truly acquiring one of the most logical understandings, of why the world looks like it does today.

Please watch the full film here.
Is Genesis History? – Watch the Full Film

On their YouTube channel are also many fascinating minor videos to watch in your sparetime, moreover conference-talks with elaborate information regarding particular questions in science. Their webpage contains alot of interesting articles regarding the creation-paradigm.

Image abstract of documentary – to enlarge please click on image and scroll.

Pictures from website

Documentary-series produced by Compass Cinema

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